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Paladins PS4 Update 2.51 Arrives With Champion Fixes

Hi-Rez Studios has lifted the wraps off the Paladins update 2.51 patch notes for you to gawk at, which arrives with numerous fixes for Champions.

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  • Betty la Bomba
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Grenade Launcher weapon fire was significantly delayed on ping.
  • Bomb King
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to equip the Crash King 47 skin if they acquired it from Trials of the Realm.
  • Saati
    • Fixed an issue where Saati’s Dead Ringer ability could rarely cause an instance crash.
  • Tyra
    • Fixed an issue where Tyra’s Burn, Monster! Talent was still applying a Cripple effect to enemies.


  • WHIPPED CREAM Cassie will be available on April 7 via Prime Gaming
  • Fixed some collision issues with lamp posts and fences on the Stone Keep (Night) and Stone Keep (Day) maps
  • Fixed various Trials challenges not progressing.
  • Updated the GG Magree “Deja Reve” Menu Theme to include the track’s vocals.
  • Updated the names and descriptions of the Monstercat Menu Themes to include the names of the tracks playing for each theme