Panopticon revealed for PlayStation with trailer, platforms unknown for possible JRPG

A teaser trailer for a game called Panopticon has appeared on Sony’s official Japanese PlayStation website.

As no supplementary information is given, our only clues about the game and its content comes via the trailer. And what a spectacular trailer it is (for industrial anime fans, at least). We see a malevolent security force attempt to apprehend what look like two of eight main characters. Contradictory images show a world torn asunder–a flooded landscape with spires and steel girders–followed by a bustling modern-day city, suggesting two very different settings or an alternate reality of some kind.

The award for most interesting aspect is a toss-up between the numbers that float above people’s heads (which seem to be countdowns to death) and the climactic battle with a monster that looks like the offspring of Ifrit and Bahamut. In the latter, a number of characters battle the creature together using massive guns, magic chains, and what looks like a summoned monster of their own.

Check out Panopticon’s first screenshots here

No platforms are given, but going off the official website, we’ll know more on May 21. For now, check out the trailer below and give us your thoughts and speculation in the comments. Is this a new IP and the first big JRPG for PlayStation 4? Is this the "AMAZING big title" teased by Shahid Ahmad last week?