Papo & Yo announced, coming to PSN in 2012

Minority has just announced its first title, coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network, sometime next year. 

The independent Canadian game development studio, Minority, is based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 2010, the studio is run by head honcho Vander Caballero, former Design Director at EA Montreal. 

“We formed Minority because we saw an opportunity to create complex and evocative gameplay experiences, and Papo & Yo is our first chance to prove how emotionally connected a game can be,” said Vander Caballero. “Our team has a robust background in both AAA and independent titles, and our partnership with the Sony Pub Fund has allowed us to really stretch our wings. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on next week at E3.

Papo & Yo was made possible by the partnership between Minority and Sony, via the Sony Pub Fund program. Pub Fund is a development-cost-matching program,  that offers small developers funding and marketing support, in exchange for PS3 exclusivity. Another title brought to fruition by this same fund was the successful Burn Zombie Burn, released back in 2009.

Papo & Yo is the story of a young boy named Quico, and his best friend, a gruesomely large and monstrous looking fellow, Monster. There’s also a little toy-like friend of Quico, named Lula. In what looks to be lush environments taken straight out of the Favela (Brazil), players will adventure with Monster through a dreamlike world. The gameplay consists of players having to solve puzzles, while making sure to survive Monster, as he transforms into a terrible force that harms all in his path when he gets his claws on poison frogs, a delicacy that he is unfortunately addicted to.

Dedicated to saving his friend, Quico must journey with Monster, while taking advantage of his good and bad emotions, to find a cure.

Check out the reveal teaser trailer below, and expect Papo & Yo to come to PSN sometime next year.