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Paragon Winterfest launches for 2017 with huge patch and new hero

paragon winterfest 2017

Epic Games has launched its Paragon Winterfest event which runs from December 12 until January 8.

Players enjoying the third-person action MOBA will be introduced to new playable hero called Terra as a new winter wonderland is added to the game's map.

If you play during week during Winterfest, you'll also be able to earn rewards, including three new high-tier skins, Winerfest chests with loot and a mystery prize if you play in the final week.

It works like this:

Earn a chest every week when you play 1, 7 and 15 games. Items includes skins, such as the Everfrost Kwang skin and the festive Yuletide Fen Mao skin, as well as banners and emotes.

If you play twenty games over each week, you'll earn the following Paragon Winterfest elite skins:


Alongside the Paragon Winterfest update is a huge patch which confirms the following changes:

Paragon Winterfest patch notes

Store Content:

  • Gryphon Knight Terra Skin
  • Headswoman Emote
  • Winterfest has begun! Stay frosty until Jan. 8.
    • Monolith Map and Main Menu screens have received a snowy makeover.
    • Enjoy a 3-part Winterfest themed short story starring your favorite little drummer ogre, Narbash (read Part 1 here).

Paragon Winterfest Weekly Quests

  • Earn a guaranteed Winterfest Chest (see content below) after completing games 1, 7 and 15 each week.
  • Rewards for completing 20 games each week:
    • Week 1: Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin
    • Week 2: Frozen HearthAurora Skin
    • Week 3: Frost KingRevenant Skin
    • Week 4: Golden Key

Note: the 3 above skins will also be available for individual purchase in the store during their respective quest week as well as in Week 4.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to track your event quest progress in the updated Play tab and Post-Match screen.

Paragon Winterfest Chests

  • Can contain one of the following 12 items:
    • EverfrostKwang Skin
    • Everfrost Belica Skin
    • EverfrostSerath Skin
    • Northern Mystic Morigesh Banner
    • Frozen HearthAurora Banner
    • Frost KingRevenant Banner
    • Sword Sculpture Aurora Emote
    • Old SaintRiktor (Paragon Winterfest Skin)
    • Jingle BombsIggy & Scorch (Paragon Winterfest Skin)
    • PeppermintKallari (Paragon Winterfest Skin)
    • Ugly SweaterGadget (Paragon Winterfest Skin)
    • YuletideFeng Mao (Paragon Winterfest Skin)

Guaranteed no duplicates!

  • If you earn 12 chests by playing at least 15 games each week of Winterfest, then you're guaranteed to earn all 12 items listed above.
  • If you earn a Winterfest Chest after already owning all 12 items (if you had previously owned a 2016 Paragon Winterfest Skin for example) then that chest will grant a 10-Win XP Boost.

Winterfest Mega Bundle

  • Available only in the final week (1/2/18 – 1/9/18) of Paragon Winterfest
  • Contains all of the following at a discounted price:
    • 3 Winterfest skins:
      • Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin
      • Frozen HearthAurora Skin
      • Frost KingRevenant Skin
    • 6 Winterfest skin variations exclusivelyfound in this bundle (previewable in the Collections tab at the start of Winterfest):
      • Onyx Northern Mystic Morigesh
      • Emerald Northern Mystic Morigesh
      • Earthen Frozen Hearth Aurora
      • Jade Frozen Hearth Aurora
      • Sanguine Frost King Revenant
      • Gunmetal FrostKing Revenant


TERRA – New Paragon Winterfest hero

Carve (Basic Attack)

Counter Guard

  • Terra raises her shield, guarding for a brief moment. If Terra takes damage while she is guarding the damage is deflected and turned into a shield for a duration. The size of the shield is determined by a percentage of unmitigated damage that was deflected.

Ruthless Assault

  • Terra spins striking all enemies around her before finishing the spin with an additional forward slash.

Deafening Command

  • Terra slams her axe into her shield creating a shockwave that deals damage and applies a stun to all enemies in a radius around her.

Unstoppable Force

  • Terra's helmet smashes down granting her a shield and immunity to crowd control for a duration.

Wrap up warm and have fun at the 2017 Paragon Winterfest, and check out the full patch notes on the official Paragon website.