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Payday 2 update released alongside PS4 voice chat statement

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Overkill Software has released a new Payday 2 update for PS4 in the US today, but it hasn't gone down particularly well some players who were hoping for much more than additional paid content.

Payday 2 update brings Master Plan DLC

The Master Plan DLC originally rolled out in the EU last week, and introduces six premium packs including:

  • The John Wick Weapons Pack - $4.99
  • Gage Spec Ops Pack - $4.99
  • The Scarface Heist - $6.99
  • The Scarface Character Pack - $4.99
  • John Wick Heists - $6.99
  • Gage Russian Weapon Pack - $4.99

However, fans of the four-player co-op shooter have long been hoping for significant updates to improve the game and bring it in line with its PC counterpart since its launch on PS4 in 2015.

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PayDay 2 PS4 voice chat still not available

Overkill responds to PayDay update disappointment

Overkill has now issued a statement, referring to specific features on the community's wanted list, including PS4 voice chat.

There are a few items we didn’t include in this update however that we would like to expand on below,” writes Producer, Overkill_Almir.

“The Voice Chat for PS4 has been a hot topic and something we want to add. However, we have been unable to add it as part of this update. We haven’t given up on it and will continue to do our best to add this much requested feature.”

He continues, now referencing the planned introduction of a new safe house.

As the new safe house has grown into a home for our many heisters, so has also the challenges of maintaining it from a technical perspective on all our platforms. The newest version of the safe house is very content heavy and we were unable to add it for this update because of the technical challenges tied to it. We hope to be able to bring the safe house to consoles in an future update as we continue to work on more content.”

Finally, he briefly mentions the much sought after feature, Crimespree, an endurance mode for PayDay 2 which is available on Steam but has not yet launched on PS4 and Xbox One.

“The viability of Crimespree for console is similarly something we need to further investigate in order to implement.”

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Will the next PayDay 2 update deliver voice chat?

While there's still no firm answers on when these three features will arrive, at least it does seem that Overkill is looking into improving its PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Over on Reddit, the response to the PayDay 2 update and statement is less complimentary.

“Such a shame, they could have had a load of new players, but this game has been a shitshow on console since launch. Definitely a dev team I’ll avoid in the future,” writes Cynical_Cyclist.

“Their way to handling the console ports is a joke and they still tell us in videos that “it’s hard, we’re working on it. It’s quite insulting they think that saying that covers them, it’s not like we can see all the other developers that have NO problem updating their games with the same features on all platforms at the same time.

And no voice chat in a co op game? The’re not even trying at this stage,” writes BiosNova.

One thing is certain: PS4 PayDay 2 players aren't happy.