Persona 4 dated and detailed for European release

If you live in North America or Japan, you’ve had the opportunity to pick up and enjoy Persona 4 since December 19. Unfortunately for Europe, they haven’t yet had that luxury which is quite sad. Thankfully for our European brethren, the wait is almost over as March has been confirmed as the launch month for Persona 4. Europe can expect the title on their store shelves come March 13, better known as Friday the 13th.

The contents of release initially seemed to mimic those included in the North American version — consumers can expect to receive both the game and the 24-track soundtrack when purchasing the title. Oddly enough, however, the 100-page art book doesn’t seem to be making the trip across the ocean. While it’s good enough to at least have the game releasing in Europe soon, it’s kind of disappointing that Europeans may not get the chance to appreciate the skillful goodness that is Persona 4’s art book. Poor Europe.