Persona 5 test answers – How to get top marks in your school exam

persona 5 test answers

Persona 5 hits stores worldwide today following a lengthy delay, and as you’ve probably heard by now, it’s more than worth the wait. Still, it’s a bit of an overwhelming adventure, as most JRPGs are, with copious amounts of activities to take part in; dating, fighting, exploring, and…school exams? 

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Yep, one of the key components in Persona 5 is taking part in general knowledge questions that will be presented to you from time to time, either from a teacher directly or as part of a test. Getting these right is the key to boosting your Knowledge stat, while scoring high in exams will net you a Charisma increase. 

Fortunately, you won’t be left scratching your head with our Persona 5 test answers guide, which gives you the correct answers to each question in order so you can be the brightest pupil and get all your school work correct.

Get these questions right from your teacher and you’ll see an increase in your knowledge stat in your Person 5 school exams.

April – The Start of Term

April 12th – Logic

April 19th – C

April 23rd – Singing

April 25th – Knowing your actions are wrong, Conviction that you’re right

April 27th – Four

April 30th – Wonder, Child, A prodigy


May 7th – Femme fatale

May 10th – Minamoto no Yoshitsune

First Mid-Term

It’s time for some serious exams. Over the coming weeks, prepare yourself to answers questions on Biology, History,  English, Social Studies and Maths.

May 11th – An optical illusion, Visual information, Brain, They have different cognitions

May 12th – Magistrate’s patronage, The name of a sum of currency

May 13th – Ignorance, Four

May 16th – Van Gogh

May 21st – The silver ratio

May 23rd – "Together" and "senses"

May 26th – Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

May 30th – William Kidd

Gamersheroes has a Persona 5 video up showing all the test answers for May.


June 4th – They were brightly coloured

June 7th – Hermit crab

June 8th – Dreams

June 11th – Three Olympic-sized pools

June 13th – The Government

June 15th – It’ll change colour

June 23rd – Pope Joan

June 27th – Heavy rain

June 29th – Gold


July 1st – Baozi

July 4th – Someone pretentious said so

July 7th –Soumen

July 8th – They have the same flavor

July 9th – 180 degrees

July 11th – Luciferin

July 12th – Ishikawa Goemon

Finals time!

It’s time to brush up your knowledge on Japanese, History, Biology, Social Studies, Maths and English. Here’s the Persona 5 test answers for your big exams.

July 13th – Nouveau riche, Gentleman thief, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, He was boiled alive

July 14th – It’s not related to crabs, Television

July 15th – B4-size paper, Together, Senses


September 3rd – Nothing

September 5th – Chronostasis

September 14th – The 19th century

September 17th – A cat

September 21st – Czechoslovakia

September 24th – So it shows up well on TV

September 28th – Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome

September 29th – Fishermen of Nagaragawa

persona 5 test answers


October 3rd-  Three watermelons in the sun

October 6th – Guillotine

October 11th – A

Mid-Term Exams

The pressure is still on to get all the answers correct as you face some more exams in Maths, Japaneses, English and Social Studies.

October 17th – Name of the one who proposed it, A doctor, It could execute people quickly

October 18th – It has 32 faces, Slave labor

October 19th – Phantom Vibration Syndrome, The Imperial Household Agency

October 22nd – Five

October 24th – It’s meaningless


November 2nd – Thieves’ Cant

November 4th – The Holy Grail

November 8th – Zero

November 10th – An eye

November 12th – It’s heavily processed

November 15th – They put makeup on him

November 17th – B

November 18th – The Summit of Mt. Fuji

December – Final Exams

You’ll have encylopedic knowledge if you pass your final exams in: Maths, Biology, English, Japanese, Social Studies and History.

December 20th – D, Not their real voice, They speak the same, Supplement the voice

December 21st – Hearts, It includes a number

December 22nd – Japan, Dreadnought

How to get knowledge points

Getting these Persona 5 test questions correct improves your knowledge ranking and gives you knowledge points. Other ways of earning knowledge points include:

  • Doing the crossword in Le Blanc
  • Studying in the School Library
  • Answering TV Quizzes correctly
  • Studying at the Family Restaurant on Shibuya Central
  • Study on the first floor of Le Blanc
  • Reading Books
  • Watch the movie “Back To The Ninja”
  • Study with your comrades before tests

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