Planetside 2 PS4 locked at 30fps

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of Planetside 2 is locked at 30fps.

Speaking during an interview with Gamezone, the game’s Executive Producer, Clint Worley, said that the team has had no issues getting the game running at 1080p, although did mention work on the game proved ‘intensive.’

"The game itself is pretty intensive," said Worley. "Not on the graphical side, but more on the CPU side."

"The game looking pretty hasn’t really been our problem," he continued. "It’s looked great since E3, but we’re locked at 30 [frames per second], 1080p, and that’s where we’ll be for launch."

SOE had previously mentioned during development that it was targeting 60fps, where the game was frequently reported to have fluctuated between 50-60fps. However, the company’s John Smedley later indicated it would not likely hit that target. 

Planetside 2’s closed beta kicked off yesterday.