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Planetside 2 Update 2.22 Patch Notes Confirmed For PS4

Daybreak Games has announced the Planetside 2 update 2.22 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which is now live for the PS4.

Planetside Update 2.22 Patch Notes

Planetside 2 was released for the PC in November 2021 and arrived for the PS4 in June 2015. The game takes the form of a free-to-play MMO shooter developed by Rogue Planet Games, and has received a steady stream of post-launch support since its console debut.

Here’s the official blurb for more info:

Empires and their soldiers battle in an all-out planetary war on a scale never before seen, in stunning, breathtaking detail. PlanetSide 2 battles persist and the war never ends, offering constant challenges of individual skill, team grit, and empire-wide coordination. Take up arms and drop into intense infantry, vehicle, and air combat.

Players come together in enormous battles across four massive continents to win control of critical territories, gaining key resources for their empire. With an extensive skill tree and class-based system, players can customize their soldier, weapons, and vehicles to match their playstyle and meet the needs of their squads, outfits, and empires. In the world of PlanetSide 2, every soldier makes a difference.