PlayStation 3 hits 6 million sales worldwide

We recently reported that Sony had sold 4.48 Million PlayStation 3’s Worldwide, but this figure was in fact a little dated (being up until Q1 2007) and we are now almost in Q3. New information from the Australian Sony ‘Experience More’ event, held in Sydney, revealed by Sony puts the actual figures at approximately 6 million units sold.

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Down under the PlayStation has sold 64,000 units and Sony Computer Entertainment MD Michael Ephraim explained to the audience that “on a slow week, the PS3 was selling around 2,500 units – putting it ahead of all other direct console competitors in the market.”

In related news according to Carl Rose, the Managing Director of Sony Australia – Blu-ray is dominating the market in Australia, with roughly 80 percent of all HD content (excluding PS3 games) being sold on Blu-ray discs, rather than on HD DVD.

Right now, there are 107 Blu-ray titles on the market, and with adoption rates now reaching “a satisfactory level”, Sony promises to double that number by Christmas. This comes in light of this morning’s announcement that retail chain Target would only be stocking Blu-ray players and discs, rubbing a little more salt in the wound of the competing high definition format.