PlayStation 3 sales spike continues in Japan

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console continue to surpass those of its predecessor following increased momentum in Japan this past week, according to the latest data from Media Create.

Total PS3 sales for the period August 8 – 16 show that that next-generation console sold in the region of 21,321 units, compared to those of PS2 at 12,545. PlayStation Portable, meanwhile, continues to prove the most popular of Sony’s consoles with 32,147 units sold.

Nintendo DS leads the pack for another week, however, accumulating sales of more than 145,000, with the Wii selling slightly north of 65,000 units. The full chart can be viewed below:

Japanese Hardware – August 6 – 16

Nintendo DS Lite – 147,025
Wii – 65,120
PSP – 32,147
PlayStation 3 – 21,321
PlayStation 2 – 12,545
Xbox 360 – 2,112
Game Boy micro – 366
Nintendo DS – 180
Game Boy Advance SP – 138

With sales on the rise and a host of exclusive software on the horizon, we certainly feel it’s a strong possibility that PS3 may dethrone the PSP as the top selling Sony system in Japan by the year’s end – stick with PSU for more details as they break.

Source: Next-Gen