PlayStation 3 to feature parental controls

In California, while Governer Schwarznegger was busy signing a controversial bill for violent videogames under heavy industry opposition. Japanese government, namely Tokyo, chose to call a healthy discussion panel that included industry's biggest names such as Sony, Microsoft, Square Enix and Namco to help find a solution to the effects of violence related to videogames.

Tokyo's government is considering a rating system implementation across several areas of Japan that will prevent videogames shop owners from selling violent software to minors. Both Sony and Microsoft representatives present at the discussion affirmed their determination to the protection of minors.

Sony confirmed the inclusion of built-in parental controls in their PlayStation 3 console slated for release in Spring '06. Putting the control directly in the hands of concerned parents. They also pointed out the parental controls already available in Sony's PSP, a portable multimedia device capable of playing both movies and games. Sony re-assured the panel members by mentioning the inclusion of a more robust parental control system inside it's PS3 console. Details of which are yet to be revealed sometime before release next year.

Developer and Publisher, Namco and Square-Enix voiced their concerns saying it's too early to connect videogames with violence in everyday life unless there is some genuine scientific survey available that relates the two mediums. Square-Enix president, Yoichi wada said, "It's necessary to verify whether or not youth crime and videogames are connected."