PlayStation 4 will launch in 2013, says EA boss

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau recently boasted that he had witnessed both next-generation consoles, and now the man behind EA brand management has told Bloomberg that PlayStation 4 will launch in 2013.

During the interview, Gibeau commented that hardware and software sales tend to flatten out towards the end of a console lifecycle. He said that new hardware is coming "in about a year’s time", but when asked about the real names of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, Gibeau backed off, telling the interviewer that his lips are sealed by a non-disclosure agreement. He did say that rebuilding technology to leverage the power of PlayStation 4 is a big investment for EA this year, but the next-gen hints stop there.

Check out the full video interview over at Bloomberg, and let us know what you think of this release date in the comments below. Is 2013 too soon for PS4?