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PlayStation 5 New Rumor Round Up – Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 58

Even more PlayStation 5 rumors surfacing? What’s going on? Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard have rounded up all the week’s gaming news and rumors, and provide instant feedback via chat in real time! We’ll answer your questions, we’ll take your comments, and we’ll agree with you that Alpha Protocol is awesome, at least for now.
(We’ll also talk about Xbox, Nintendo and PC gaming. Don’t judge).

Tonight at 8PM Central Time Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 58: PlayStation 5 New Rumor Roundup:
What Are We Playing
Discs, Downloads, & DLC (Triple D)
Corporate Shuffle
The Churn: EA, Activision, Arenanet
As You Sow: Don’t Fear The Reaper
Blomkamp’s Conviction Fails Appeal Attempt
Drop The Black Sails, Raise The Skull And Bones
Red Dead Arkdemption
Starbreeze Blows Up
Microsoft Drones Rebel Against Us Army
Create The Game Of Your Dreams
The Outer Worlds Closer Than You Might Think?
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