PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Minions DLC incoming

The Asian PlayStation Blog has detailed its weekly store update this week and confirmed that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will receive new Minions to purchase as DLC.

The following Minions will be available for purchase:

Minion: Ashelin
Minion: Buzz
Minion: Carmelita
Minion: Colossus of Rhodes
Minion: Elena
Minion: Eucadian Soldier
Minion: Kuro
Minion: Lil
Minion: Logan Graves
Minion: Lucy Kuo
Minion: Mr. Grimm
Minion: Ninja
Minion: Pirate
Minion: Polyphemus
Minion: Rico
Minion: Suzuki
Minion: The Professor
Minion: Visari


Pricing has yet to be confirmed and it is unknown when this will hit European and North American stores. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is out now for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.We will keep you posted on any news regarding a western release.