PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita will be a ‘frame-perfect, seamless experience’

Bluepoint Games has an impressive pedigree on PlayStation 3. The Austin, TX-based studio has developed some of the most highly-regarded remastered collections (including God of War and Metal Gear Solid). Now, the team has its sights set on producing a pitch-perfect port of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a PS Vita version that is top-to-bottom identical to its cross-compatible PS3 counterpart.

Thanks to a recent PS Blog post, it seems that Bluepoint is well on its way. Senior Producer Daryl Allison described the technical wizardry needed to make the PS Vita version run at 60 fps, with no visual difference between the two games. "Bringing the very best out of this portable platform has led our team at Bluepoint to hit back with a combo of high-end math and old-school dev tricks," he said. "It hasn’t been easy, but we’re doing it, and all with the game blazing at 60 frames per second. PlayStation All-Stars makes you believe that with PS Vita you have a PS3 in the palm of your hand."

Allison’s words are promising, and fighting fans should recognize that the utmost care is being placed into making sure there is no technical advantage on one system or the other, right down to the nitty-gritty details of input lag and visual performance. "We regularly grab raw HD data and 240 FPS video to check that input latency, rendering fidelity and ‘the awesome’ remains tight. Running at 60 FPS is as much for the smoothness of the graphics as for the controls." For Bluepoint, developing the PS Vita version is as much a matter of making sure the different versions play nice with each other as it is actually making a game.

The end goal of Bluepoint’s toil? Releasing a PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars that is a "frame-perfect, seamless experience." Lofty ambitions, to be sure, but for Bluepoint Games, it’s only another day in a life of treating PlayStation IP with incredible respect.

Are you excited for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Will you be playing on PS Vita, PS3, or both? Which characters do you hope get revealed next? Sound off in the comments.