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PlayStation China Hero Project’s AWAKEN: Astral Blade Brings Side-Scrolling Action To PS5 & PS4 In Q3 2024

Dark Pigeon Games and ESDigital Games have confirmed that AWAKEN: Astral Blade, a side-scrolling action romp backed by PlayStation China Hero Project, is launching in the third quarter of 2024 for PS5, PS4 and PC.

AWAKEN: Astral Blade allows players to weave their own story against the backdrop of a dark fairy tale, as you follow Loretta, a mysterious girl who has paratisized by an alien creature and must now uncover the truth about her fate.

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We offer a wide range of weapon combinations, so you can add to your talent tree to create your own unique arsenal. Use your favorite weapon to beat up your enemies, whether it’s a long sword, a tentacle or a giant hammer! In addition, a wide variety of items provide Loretta with special skills, so make the best choice for each level and take down the monsters with awesome skills and fast combos!

AWAKEN: Astral Blade launches in Q3 2024 for PS5, PS4, and PC.