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PlayStation Earbuds FCC Filing Confirms Support For Noise Cancellation, USB Adapter

FCC filings for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation earbuds have revealed a few interesting features that will be supported, including noise cancellation and a USB transceiver.

This is bound to go down well with PS5 owners, seeing as how the console boasts Bluetooth functionality but for some reason does not feature Bluetooth audio support.

For those unaware, the earbuds were leaked back in February under the title Project Nomad. At the time, it was revealed the devices would feature five hours of battery life, and a charging case that can be powered by PS5’s USB-C compatibility.

The PlayStation earbuds have yet to attract a release date, but the format holder is planning on releasing them in Fall 2023. Here’s the official blurb:

Experience next-generation audio immersion on PS5 or PC with the first-ever wireless earbuds designed by PlayStation. In addition, new wireless technology will deliver lossless audio with low latency, giving you outstanding sound quality while you are playing. While connected to a gaming device, the earbuds can simultaneously connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth®.

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