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PlayStation Has Now Sold More Home-Dedicated Consoles Than Any Other Console Manufacturer

PlayStation has been making consoles, both for dedicated use at home and portable for decades now, and though it had two absolutely stellar entries into the handheld market with PSP and PS Vita, the mainline numbered PlayStation consoles have always been the main focus.

With the companies recent reports on PS5 consoles sales, PlayStation has hit an industry landmark, a user on ResetEra noticed. It has now sold more home-dedicated consoles than any other console manufacturer to date.

PlayStation has sold over 500.5 million home consoles through the collective unit sales of the first PlayStation up to PlayStation 5, not including the PSP or PS Vita unit sales, and it beat everyone else to that landmark number.

Xbox isn’t anywhere close, having sold only approximately 185 million home consoles in its lifetime, where as Nintendo is much closer at about 403.42 million home consoles sold.

If you were asking the question however of which manufacturer has sold the most consoles overall, Nintendo wins that handedly, as it broke 500 million hardware units sold even before the Wii was released.

In fact, Nintendo is much closer to the 1 billion mark for hardware units sold than anyone else, currently sitting at approximately 833.58 million hardware units sold in its lifetime.

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