PlayStation Live Events app is getting the chop on PS3 and PS4

Sony has announced (via GameSpot) that it is discontinuing the PlayStation Live Events app on January 10 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

This applies to North America users, though it should be noted that PS4 owners will still be able to purchase live events via the PlayStation Store instead of the view app from tomorrow. However, PS3 gamers are going to be out of luck, as there’s no replacement being lined up for Sony’s last-generation format.

Sony launched the Live Events Viewer App back in 2013 and 2014 for PS3 and PS4, respectively. The app allowed users to view free and paid live content. 

PS4 sales reach over 50 million 

Sony announced earlier this year that worldwide PS4 sales have reached 53.4 million as of December 21, 2016, since the console’s launch in November 2013. Microsoft has not divulged exact hardware figures for the Xbox One, although it is widely believed that Sony’s console is beating its lead rival by quite a comfortable margin. Sony enjoyed a particularly strong holiday period last year, with over six million PS4s shifted over the holidays alone.

Looking ahead, 2017 is set to be another major year for the platform holder, with a number of PS4-exclusive titles set to roll into store shelves, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Aside from that, there’s also a number of major third-party offerings in the pipeline, including Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tekken 7, and Sonic Mania.

In fact, the next few years looks set to be massive for PS4 gamers, with the likes of God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, and Death Stranding all due for release in 2018 and beyond.