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PlayStation London Studio Job Listing Suggests Its PS5 Online Game Is Fantasy-Themed

SIE London Studio has posted a new job listing that strongly indicates the company is beavering way on a fantasy-themed online multiplayer title. We’ve known for a while the studio has been working on an online title, but that’s about it.

The job for Narrative Design Lead lists a number of interesting details, including a campaign, side quests, and games as a service with long-running story support. It all sounds very similar to the likes of Destiny, and we know that Sony is looking to bolster its output of online-based titles.

  • A passion for both making and playing magic-based games where great gameplay is supported with fascinating fantasy world building.
  • Creation of an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content.
  • Objectives and Story beats for side quests and missions.
  • Development of an intriguing backstory and world lore which sets up years of ongoing story.
  • An excellent understanding of non-linear narrative systems and how to deliver story in an ongoing or GaaS game.

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Prior job hirings at London Studio suggested the new game will include procedurally generated worlds and content.

[Source – ResetEra]