PlayStation Network gets a small update today

Sony Computer Entertainment America released a small update to the PlayStation Store today, including the pre and post E3 2012 press conference videos, trailers for games like The Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs, and The Unfinished Swan. A lot of these are in HD. You can also download a demo of NCAA Football 2013.

PS3 Demos

Ncaa Football 2013 Demo (E3)

Game Videos

E3 2012 Press Conference Post Show Video
E3 2012 Press Conference Pre Show Video
Hitman: Absolution – ICA File Benjamin Travis Trailer (720)
Lost Planet 3 – E3 2012 Trailer
Sleeping Dogs E3 Trailer
The Last Of Us E3 2012 Gameplay Video (720)
The Unfinished Swan Announce Trailer (SD, 720, 1080)