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PlayStation Plus January 2019 Games Revealed – Which PS4 Games Are Free?

playstation plus January 2019

The PlayStation Plus games for January 2019 have now been confirmed by Sony. Available to download very soon for PS Plus members are:

  • Steep – PS4
  • Portal Knights – PS4
  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection, PS3
  • Amplitude, PS3
  • Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Super Mutant Alien Assault, PS Vita

Which Free Games Do We Get With PS Plus in December?

There’s still plenty of time to pick up the PlayStation Plus December 2018 games. These expire in early January and include:

  • OnRush
  • SOMA
  • Iconoclasts

You can also pick up Papers, Please for PS Vita and Steins;Gate and Steredenn for PS3.

PlayStation Plus January 2019

The PS Plus games will then be available to download on the PlayStation Store on January 2, 2019.

PS Plus January 2019 Predictions – Did we get any right?

These are purely predictions and we have no inside knowledge. We have noticed that Sony releases a PlayStation sale a few days before the PS Plus announcement each month. None of the games in the sale are ever given away free the week after. So, we can chalk off all the ones currently in the sale, which narrows it down slightly.

Okay, here’s our three top picks for the main PS4 game.

For Honor

In recent days, For Honor has been getting a fair chunk of attention with the new Assassin’s Creed crossover. Despite its initial teething problems with servers, which put off many players, it’s a very good game and the introduction of dedicated servers has enabled much smoother online play. There’s a great roadmap ahead for Year 3, with four new seasons in 2019.

If Ubisoft make this free in January 2019 with PlayStation Plus a huge new batch of players will flood in, joining the action at the perfect time. No double, they’ll also still make a decent chunk of money from season passes.


Released in May 2017, Bethesda and Arkane Studio’s first-person shooter is a good shout for PlayStation Plus January 2019. The shooter has been tweaked and improved a lot since launch, and if the base game is now offered, players may also pick up the Mooncrash Premium expansion which launched in June. There’s also been a nice update this month, with the release of the free Typhon Hunter DLC.

Prey is a game that certainly deserves to see more players on its servers, and January would be a great time to introduce it to more PS4 players.

The Witness

Following the release of the brilliant Braid, the eyes of the gaming world were firmly fixed on Jonathan Blow’s puzzle game. Chances are if you heard of The Witness when it released in 2016 and were interested you bought it. Blow is currently working on another project tentatively titled Game 3. With PS Plus getting The Witness, it would be a perfect opportunity to expand his audience of fans, and shortly after announce details on his new game!

Other PS Plus January Games

We’d also expect a VR game. With WipEout: Omega Collection being a first party title, and a great showcase of virtual-reality coming just after many people have picked up a headset at Xmas, this would be a great boost for owners. Our other choices for next month’s line-up are: Portal Knights and Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Let us know your predictions below. If you get one right, we’ll drop you a surprise free game. Note: There is only one prize, so if multiple people get a prediction right, then we will make a random draw between them.

  • BM

    Mafia 3. Just Cause 3. Or probably some indie games

    • GaMeR_bOi_83

      We got Mafia 3 and Just Cause 3 already.

  • Azuel Sk

    Ps4: The last of us or Shadow of Mordor
    Plus playlink: Hidden Agenda

    besto of luck for everyone

  • Adam Gaa

    Amplitude for the PS3 is free but not the PS4? WTF Harmonix???