PlayStation Plus March 2017 free games on PS4 predictions, rumors

playstation plus march 2017

[BREAKING NEWS] Two PlayStation Plus March free games revealed, including Tearaway Unfolded.

The PlayStation Plus March 2017 line-up of free games is incoming, which means it’s time to make some bold predictions as to which PS4, PS4 and Vita titles will make the cut.

Following our failure to predict the PlayStation Plus February 2017 free games, we’re determined to get at least one of March’s free PS Plus games right, so we’ve put our heads together yet again to predict which games are coming to PlayStation Plus in March.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
We enjoyed some light, kid-friendly entertainment with February’s big PlayStation Plus free game, LittleBigPlanet 3, but Monolith’s 2014 open-world adventure would satisfy that thirst for something a little more action-packed. Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, Shadow of Mordor takes players on a revenge mission that features rewarding quests, dangerous missions and dozens of blood-soaked objectives.

ps plus march ps4 free game

Killzone: Shadow Fall
One of PS4’s flagship franchises, Killzone, has long been rumoured to feature on PlayStation Plus at some point. Surely the 2013 PS4 launch title has ran its ground now and sales have ground to a halt? Now would be a perfect time to visit the first-person shooter! Maybe Sony could follow up this PlayStation Plus free game with an announcement that a new Killzone game is incoming!

killzone shadowfall playstation plus

Fat Princess Adventures
The latest entry in the Fat Princess action-strategy series didn’t exactly wow the critics, but it’s a decent adventure which is perfect for co-op play. Join up to four friends, pick up loot, take down enemies and defeat the Bitter Queen. We love a good co-op game on PlayStation Plus, so this colorful adventure would make a pleasant addition to keep us busy with friends throughout March.

fat princess adventures ps plus members

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SteamWorld Heist
Image & Form’s turn-based strategy game is the third instalment in the popular series, and with its near-perfect review scores it would be an excellent gift to receive in the PlayStation Plus March 2017 line-up of free games on both PS4 and PS Vita. SteamWorld Heist sees players boarding enemy spaceships as they collect copious amounts of loot and blast away at enemies. It’s outstanding!

steamworld heist ps4 game

Hotline Miami 2

The original Hotline Miami has already been free for PS Plus subscribers back in 2013, and the second game in the violent top-down shooter series can’t be too far behind. Released in March 2015, Hotline Miami 2 brings the bloody saga to a fine conclusion with a heady blend of murder and challenging levels.

ps plus march 2017 games

Agree, disagree? Let us know your PlayStation Plus March 2017 predictions below.

And, don’t forget that PS Plus February games are still available to download from the PlayStation Store for subscribers to Sony’s service, and include:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Not a Hero
  • Starwhal
  • Anna: Extended Edition
  • Ninja Senki DX
  • TorqueL

The PlayStation Plus March free games are expected to be announced officially by Sony in the week commencing February 28, 2017.