PlayStation Plus members get free Starhawk single-player, free DLC, and Tokyo Jungle discount tomorrow

When the North American PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, PlayStation Plus members will be treated to a barn’s worth of digital goodies.

More specifically, Plus subscribers will receive the entire single-player campaign of PS3-exclusive Starhawk, free of charge. Furthermore, every piece of Starhawk DLC (and there’s a lot of it) will be free for Plus members, presumably as an incentive to purchase the $19.99 standalone multiplayer component, which will also launch during tomorrow’s Store update.

Meanwhile, Plus members can also score a 20% discount on brand-new PSN release Tokyo Jungle, a post-apocalyptic… animal simulator? – that sets you loose on the streets of dilapidated Tokyo in the paws of one of many different playable species. For more information on Tokyo Jungle, check out PSU’s review of the game – we liked it quite a bit.

Another new PSN release, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, will also be discounted for PS Plus.

What do you think of these bonuses? Do you plan on downloading Starhawk’s multiplayer suite? Let us know in the comments below.