PlayStation Plus November leak details two free PS4 games

playstation plus november

Sony is set to reveal the PlayStation Plus November games this week, and there’s an image doing the rounds suggesting that the games have already been leaked.

The following screenshot has appeared on numerous sites and social media claiming to be from the official PlayStation Germany site, detailing November’s PS Plus games.

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The image shows two current games that were made available in the PS Plus October line-up, Amnesia Collection and Metal Gear Solid V, but in the text it mentions that Worms Battlegrounds and Bound are coming to the collection in November.

november ps plus games line-up

Worms Battlegrounds is the 2D turn-based tactical game Team 17 that was released in 2014. At the time we described as the “most definitive entry in the series” to date.

Bound is a striking platformer which features a dancer as the main character. In our review, we described it as
“Undeniably beautiful and mesmerizing.”

This could, of course, be photoshopped, but it’s not unusual of PlayStation sites in Europe to accidentally leak the information early.

Sony is due to confirm the official list of  in the PlayStation Plus November games announcement later today, on November 1, 2017.

Source: Gearnuke