PlayStation Plus November: Ready to trade in PS3 or Vita games for VR?

So far, PlayStation Plus subscribers have been enjoying free games each month on PS3, PS Vita and PS4, but Sony is looking to introduce its latest gaming platform to its PSN offerings, and it could begin as early as November.

Following the PS Plus price hike in September, the expectation of gamers to see better titles hitting the subscription-based service has risen, and early this month we weren’t disappointed with October’s games, which included Transformers: Devastation and Resident Evil HD Remaster on PlayStation 4.

playstation plus logo

With PlayStation VR set for release on October 13, 2016, bringing with it a host of exclusive titles for Sony’s virtual-reality headset, it now seems that we’ll be getting a new kind of title added to our Instant Game Collection.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, with an official Q&A on PlayStation VR, Sony confirmed that it’s currently looking into bringing VR games into PlayStation Plus. The question is whether a PSVR game each month will replace one of the titles from the older platforms.

PlayStation Plus VR games could prove to be an extra incentive for players to buy Sony’s new headset, but it could prove to rattle a few cages of those subscribers who don’t intend on playing VR games, but still enjoy PS3 and Vita titles. If Sony ditch one platform to make space for VR games, we’d guess it’s going to be Vita which has a much smaller install base than PS3.

This month we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a PSVR headset prior to release, and have already published a number of PlayStation VR game reviews, including Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Batman Arkham VR and Battlezone VR, as well as a comprehensive review of the hardware.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for in-depth PlayStation VR coverage of all the games.