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PlayStation Plus Season Of Play Kicks Off Dec. 5 With A Full Month Of Activities For PS5, PS4 Users

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it is kicking off PlayStation Plus Season Of Play tomorrow, which will run for one month and provides PS5 & PS4 users with a host of activities to take part in, which will earn you various goodies in return.

First up, there’s PS5 & PS4 avatars up for grabs, and you won’t need a PS Plus membership to grab them. You can redeem a voucher code for new avatars that commemorate some of the popular games offered via PS Plus, including Ghost of Tsushima, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Final Fantasy VII Remake and others. Just hit up the PS Plus website or check the PlayStation Season of Play on your console.

Meanwhile, PS Plus users and non-members alike can take advantage of PlayStation Gear Discounts, which offers 15% off official gear using the promo code SEASONOFPLAY15 here. There’s also the chance to win a PS5 console and 12 months of PS Plus Premium/Delux; hit up the PlayStation Plus website and answer five questions about the PS Plus Game Catalog for a chance.

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Moving on, Sony is offering another free multiplayer weekend from December 9 12.01am — December 10 11.59pm local time, which obviously doesn’t require a PS Plus membership.

One major feature that does require a PS Plus subscription is PlayStation Tournaments, which takes place December 12 — 17, 2023 and includes the likes of EA Sports FC 24, NBA 2K24, Madden NFL 24 and MLB The Show 23.

Players who participate have a chance to win a PlayStation Plus Premium / Deluxe membership. The signup process is similar to traditional PlayStation Tournaments, featuring custom tournament cards and an in-game button that includes a list of available tournaments for participating titles. Upon entering the PlayStation Tournament, players will face off in 1v1 brackets on a set schedule.

Be sure to read more details on the PlayStation Blog here. PlayStation Plus Season Of Play begins tomorrow and wraps up on January 5, 2024.