PlayStation Plus update: free games and discounts

Sony Computer Entertainment America has posted its update for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The update includes a 20 percent discount off Dyad, the new abstract PSN game. Dyad is slated for release along with the weekly update tomorrow.

Free PS One Classics include International Track & Field—a 3D update to the original Track & Field series with 11 different Olympic events—and Hot Shots Golf 2. You can activate the free games on your PSP, as well as your PS3.

PSN Play returns with 20 percent off new releases and special incentives. Plus members get the edge of new release in addition to the 20 percent discount during the first week. Expendables 2 is out first on July 27 for Plus members, 31 elsewhere. Look for Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive with PSN Play throughout August. On July 24, Plus members can get 20 percent off Malicious, a game that arms you with magical artifacts to defeat some evil giants.