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PlayStation Stars New Collectibles For September 2023 Revealed, PlayStation Portal Pre-Orders Now Live With November Release Date

PlayStation’s coming remote-play only handheld, the PlayStation Portal is now available to pre-order, and players looking to fill up their digital shelves with the different collectibles available with PlayStation Stars can check out the new collectibles available for September 2023.

The PlayStation Portal launches on November 15, 2023 and will be available at $199.99. A dedicated handheld for nothing more than remote play, something you can already do with pretty much any other device you currently have.

It’s biggest use case seems to be that you’ll be able to continue playing games while someone enjoys another media on the tv you PS5 is connected to, though how many people really find themselves in that conundrum and have $200 before tax burning in their pocket remains to be seen.

For those not looking to spend $200, but do like collecting digital items, the new collectibles and rewards for PlayStation Stars for September 2023 have been revealed to include another piece of PlayStation history, the PS3 wireless keyboard.

Though you’ll only be rewarded with the keyboard if your PlayStation history shows you used one in the past.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]