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PlayStation VR Motion Sickness Patent Is Bonkers

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PlayStation VR motion sickness isn’t fun. Alongside many players, we struggle with virtual-reality games that feature high frame-rates, like RIGS. Despite some good tips to prevent VR motion sickness, they don’t always work.

However, there may be some help on the way. Well, actually, no there isn’t. A Sony patent has been published this month which proposes help with PSVR motion sickness. The patent refers to virtual reality sickness and presents a way to combat the problem with changes to the PSVR headset.

It seems that sensors within the head-mounted display would be able to detect the users ‘health threshold value’. According to Upload VR, it includes a range of biometric sensors such as an eye-tracking cameras, a pulse sensor and a galvanic skin response sensor.

According to the patent below, it will be able to detect things like if you are going cross-eyed, if your heart rate is too high or live, or your breathing is too fast – all things that you’d kind of know yourself.

playstation vr motion sickness

It also mentions an embedded microphone, which detects when your displaying audible signs of discomfort. We presume like groans or swearing.

So, this isn’t a solution for motion sickness as such, more a way to alert you to the symptoms. Seems a strange workaround. Personally, we know when we feel motion sickness, because we, er…feel sick.

Source: Upload VR