PlayStation VR sells out at Amazon UK & Germany after just 5 minutes

Sony’s price announcement for PlayStation VR at a GDC event yesterday has obviously resonated strongly with punters in Europe, with the U.K. and German branches of Amazon selling out of the upcoming headset in just five minutes.

Those of you trying to pre-order the upcoming virtual reality device are now met with this rather disappointing message (via NeoGAF):

PlayStation VR will ship in October 2016 priced at $399/£349, with Sony promising around 50 titles due out for the headset by the end of the year. What’s more, the company has over 200 developers currently beavering away on titles for PS VR, including heavyweights from Japan, U.S. and Europe.

Analysts recently suggested that the headset will help Sony ‘utterly dominate‘ the remainder of the console cycle.