Podcast Derailed – Episode 38 – PS4, DmC, GoW, and Tomb Raider

…and it’s been a whiiiiiiile… since we’ve recorded a regular (non-live) podcast.

This week, join Don Oliveira, Tim Nunes, Kyle Prahl, and the fashionably late Mike Harradence as the PSU crew delivers another high-energy, explicitly offensive, insightful look into the land of PlayStation. We talk the hell out of the newly unveiled PlayStation 4, and we all unleash our own rants; Kyle explains his problems with Crysis 3, Tim gets his Revengeance on Metal Gear Rising, Don talks DmC and goes to town on Vergil’s downfall, and Mike is all over Tomb Raider. All that, and more, in this action-packed episode of Derailed, made just for you. Enjoy.

Intro: Noisia – Devil May Cry Soundtrack – Mundus Theme

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Episode 38 – 2:21:41 – 64.9MB

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