Portal’s "Stay Alive" to hit Rock Band this month

For those big time Portal fans out there the end song from the game called, "Stay Alive," will be hitting the PlayStation Network on April 17.  A song created by Jonathan Coulton, has quickly turned into a sensational piece after followers of the game Portal heard it while watching the end credits.

This download is going to be 100% free of charge and is considered as a big "THANK YOU" from the team at Harmonix for continually supporting their title.  The reason for the huge delay of release stems from the PlayStation Store redesign that is taking place this month.  Had it not been for that, we’d be seeing the release this Thursday, still, getting a free download is always great.

Rock Band now features over 120 playable songs in its library, only if you’ve chosen to download all of the songs available.  With Rock Band’s success continuing to grow, we’ll keep you updated every week with the new songs planned for release.