Pre-order WWE ’13 for t-shirt, wrist-band, or game guide

THQ has joined forces with three retailers to give customers a variety of pre-order incentives for WWE ’13 which launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii on November 2, 2012.

Amazon customers will receive a free Prima WWE ’13 Attitude Era Digital Guide, which showcases all the moves in the game as well as walkthroughs to over 60 matches. HMV is offering an exclusive WWE ‘13 ‘Live The Revolution’ Wrist Band, while GAME and Gamestation are giving away, in stores only, a CM Punk t-shirt emblazoned with the WWE Champion.

All offers apply only to customers who pre-order the game before release.

WWE ’13 releases with a brand new game mode called Attitude Era, which replaces the Road to WrestleMania mode this year and involves fighting legendary battles between some of WWE’s top stars, including Steve Austin. The entire production has also been given an overhaul, with THQ promising new audio, presentation and crowd participation.