Prince of Persia dated in U.S. and Europe

Ubisoft’s uber-swish Prince of Persia sequel will hit shelves in time for the Christmas pile-up. It’s out in the States on December 2, in Europe on December 4, and in the UK on December 5. Thanks to IGN and Eurogamer for the tip-offs.

The latest Prince of Persia runs on a heavily-modified Assassin’s Creed engine, with Princey benefiting from a luscious cell-shaded make-over. This time round he’ll be going toe to toe with the minions of the evil godling Ahriman; chief among them is the Hunter, a prince transformed into a hideous beast. To stand up to such opposition, the Prince has picked up a new squeeze — the waif-like Elika — who can be called upon to dish out magical fire support.

Given its pedigree, we’d be surprised if this wasn’t worth your hard-earned dough. Tune in later this winter for our review.