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Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Update 1.0.4 Rolls Out With Gameplay & Quest Fixes

Ubisoft has unsheathed the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown update 1.0.4 patch notes, which comes packing a range of fixes for gameplay and quests. Check out the full details below.

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• Reward notification for ‘Young Sargon’ overlaps in the game when unlocking the Digital Artbooks in the same session via the Ubisoft Connect overlay.
• Placing a marker on the map while focused on a Memory Shard locks the in-game cursor.
• Upgrading the Blessing amulet while equipped and not at full life renders the health bar visually stuck.
• During the first fight with Vahram, the camera can be offset following Vahram’s finishing move.²



• Re-entering Mount Qaf’s main gate rarely leads to replay the initial ‘Ardashir Cutscene’.²
• Trapdoor above Wak-wak tree in The Depths remains closed, with the lever stuck in pulled position after a soft reset.²
• Player can receive damage using the dodge granted by the Elusive Water amulet when adding input during its animation.
• Player cannot unlock Mystery Chest located in Lower City after firing arrow at the correct spot.²
• Sargon loses ‘frozen’ status effect when hanging on to a wall while the effect triggers.²
• Sargon is invincible and invisible if player uses Shadow of the Simurgh just when Dragon King amulet’s effect triggers.
• Player can enter the Pit of Eternal Sands by breaking the 3rd warp seal exploiting aerial UP and DOWN attack combo + Rush of the Simurgh.²
• Kiana and Sargon spawn outside of the rendered world if player dies and retries the fight right before Kiana’s transition to camouflage-attacks.
• Defeating Menolias or Orod while they are burning breaks the quick time event leaving players to restart the game and fight.²
• In some cases, King Darius and Sargon become immune to melee attacks when the player uses Fabric of Time on King Darius during his ‘Holy Flames’ attack.
• A soft reset when fighting the final boss can restart its phase counter, requiring the player to beat phase 4 four times



• Moon Gatherer – Players previously stuck in the progression of this side quest are now able to finish it by returning to its initial starting location in Sacred Archives.
• Treasure of the Seven Seas – Stubborn but colorful parrot does not want to return to the Pirate Captain leaving players unable to finish the quest.²
• Treasure of the Seven Seas – Quest breaks when it’s start wasn’t confirmed before leaving the level due to too many side quests being active at the same time. ²
• Lost Warriors – The lost warrior on the bridge outside of Mount Qaf’s main gate respawns one more time after reloading the level after he was defeated.

[Source – Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Patch Notes Via Ubisoft]