Pro-R18+ petition receives 72k+ signatures in Australia

A petition in favor of introducing an R18+ rating for video games in Australia has received signatures from more than 72,000, according to a report today by GamePolitics.

The petition, sponsored by retailer GAME and the political organization Everyone Plays, is to be presented to a Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting on May 7. However, it’s unclear based on the meeting’s agenda whether or not the issue of R18+ is to be discussed at all.

With more than 72,000 signatures in only six weeks, the petition remains strong, and is set to become the country’s largest petition ever — surpassing the current record of 85,189 signatures for the 2005 Work Choices petition. Additionally, a similar petition from earlier in the year received more than 46,000 signatures.

With this sort of momentum, it’s not difficult to imagine an R18+ rating in the near future for Australia.