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PS Plus Cloud Streaming Outperforms Xbox XCloud Game Streaming According To Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry has scrutinised the PlayStation Plus Cloud streaming capabilities alongside Microsoft’s XCloud game streaming, and it turns out that Sony’s service outperforms its competitor in terms of overall performance.

Pixel wizard Tom Morgan has analysed both offerings, and while there are many factors to consider, Sony’s streaming does have an obvious advantage when it comes to justifying the premium asking price.

If we’re focussing on cloud streaming alone, between the use of PS5 great hardware server-side, and the higher bit rate, PlayStation Plus presents its catalogue at a quality level that’s much closer to justifying that premium label.

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PS Plus offers cloud streaming for its premium membership, which also offers the biggest bang for your buck in terms of games. You get the regular PS Plus Essential lineup each month, but also a host content that includes PS3, PS2, PSP, and PSOne titles.

PS Plus Cloud Streaming debuted in Japan on October 17, with the US and Europe receiving it on October 30 and October 23, respectively. The service is available for supported PS5 digital games with PS Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials.

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