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PS Plus Game Expiry Dates Have Quietly Been Removed By Sony

PS Plus games have seemingly had their expiry dates removed by Sony, so you are no longer abel to see when a particular game will leave the service.

While you can see see games listed in the Last chance to Play tab — which at least gives you a heads-up that they’re not going to be around for long — you can no longer see an exact of when a PS Plus game will leave the service. For example, Rez is currently listed in the Last Chance to Play.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t detail any expiry dates for PS Plus games during its PlayStation Blog posts, and it’s unknown if the format holder will ever reintroduce the dates in the future.

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PS Plus was revamped earlier this year so that it now encompasses three tires: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium.

[Source – Push Square via Eurogamer]