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PS Plus Game Foamstars Reportedly Suffers Huge 94% Loss In Player Base 2 Months After Release

Toylogic and Square Enix‘s multipayler game Foamstars has suffered a major loss in its player base just two months after launching as a PS Plus game, according to a report on TrueTrophies.

Foamstars enjoyed a successful launch with a debut player count being higher than that of Helldivers 2, which has since gone on to see massive success. However, by its second week Foamstars saw its player count drop by 54%, and two months after launch it has plummeted by 94.92%.

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The report notes that the player count dip is a conservative estimate, as the site’s data only tracks PS5 & PS4 games within the top 200, of which Foamstars no longer ranks in. As such, it was formed to utilise data for CarX Drift Racing Online, which is the 200th most popular PS5 game on the chart.

With this info in mind, it is possible that Foamstars’ player counter loss is even higher than the estimate given, which obviously isn’t good news. Despite this, Foamstars is continuing to see free content lobbed our way by Square Enix, with the game kicking off its third season tomorrow.

Foamstars is now available for PS5 & PS4, and you can read our full review here.

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