PS Plus open multiplayer event coming to PS4 this week

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) has announced plans to host a PS Plus open multiplayer event later this week.

PS Plus open multiplayer – game online without a subscription 

Kicking off on November 15 at 10.00am GMT, the event gives PS4 owners the chance to compete in online multiplayer without the need for a PS Plus subscription.

The free multiplayer sessions will run until November 20 at 10.00am GMT.  Furthermore, you won’t need to go through a sign up process or register your credit card to take part in the event. 

PS Plus is ordinarily required to take part in any online gaming sessions. Thanks to the free event however, you’ll be able to take the latest multiplayer games for a spin, including Call of Duty WW2, FIFA 18, Destiny 2, and Gran Turismo Sport.

It’s worth noting that the additional benefits of PS Plus, such as the free games for November 2017, will require a subscription to access.

PS Plus has drummed up more than 26.4 million paid subscribers worldwide.