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PS Plus Premium Classic Herc’s Adventures Outed Via PS Store Listing

Herc’s Adventures looks set to be the next PS Plus Premium Classic game, according to a listing unearthed on the PlayStation Store that includes box art on Sony’s servers.

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Developed by Big Apple Productions and LucasArts, Herc’s Adventure was originally released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in July 1997, although the latter was never released in European territories due to the demise of the console there.

The game sees players taking on the role of one of three ancient Greek heroes: Hercules, Atlanta, or Jason, who embark on a quest to deafen Hades and rescue Persephone, the goddess of nature.

Each time the player dies, they are transported to the underworld and have to fight their way out to continue the game. The more times you kick the bucket, you are sent further back into the underworld making it more difficult to battle your way out.