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PS Plus Premium Game Echoshift Receives Trophy Support

Sony has updated PS Plus Premium title Echoshift with full Trophy support in a series of updates targeting retro games on its flagship service.

Echoshift, which is a downloadable PSP game for PS Plus Premium, is now packing 30 Trophies to unlock and also features a Platinum Trophy. You can check out the full list below.

Brilliant Echo (Platinum)

Unlock all trophies in echoshift.

Thoughtful Start (Bronze)

Complete level set A.

Cementing Understanding (Bronze)

Complete level set B.

Tactful Execution (Bronze)

Complete level set C.

Echo Clarity (Bronze)

Complete level set D.

Visual Overload (Bronze)

Complete level set E.

New Heights (Silver)

Complete level set F.

Deep Thinker (Gold)

Complete level set G.

Final Exam (Gold)

Complete level set H.

Key Understanding (Bronze)

Complete a Key Challenge.

Key Enthusiast (Silver)

Complete 14 Key Challenges.

Key Collector (Silver)

Complete 28 Key Challenges.

Keysmith (Gold)

Complete 42 Key Challenges.

Illusionist (Bronze)

Complete an Illusion Challenge.

Magician (Silver)

Complete 14 Illusion Challenges.

Wizard (Gold)

Complete 28 Illusion Challenges.

Grading Well (Gold)

Collect 99 Stars through Cast levels.

Curiosity (Bronze)

Press a Switch.

Of Shy Mind (Silver)

Complete a level while avoiding a Mimic.

Trial and Error (Silver)

Find the real Switch in the lot.

Patience (Silver)

Solve a puzzle with a Step Switch.

Shouldering the Burden (Silver)

Prevent a block from crushing you.

Thinking Under Pressure (Silver)

Solve a puzzle that uses Clockwork.

Tunnel Vision (Silver)

Solve a puzzle that uses One-Way Gates.

Of Quick Wit (Silver)

Solve a puzzle that uses Falling Blocks.

Seeing Through the Fog (Silver)

Solve a puzzle that uses Blackout.

The Gathering of Minds (Silver)

Use 9 Casts on any level.

Impatience (Silver)

Advance to the next Cast before time runs out.

Back to Start (Silver)

Force a Cast to respawn.

Procrastination (Silver)

Finish a level with less than a second to spare.

[Source – Exophase]