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PS Plus Subs And Active Users Fall, Sony Blames Gaming Boost From 2020’s Stay-At-Home Restrictions

Sony has responded to falling PS Plus subscriber figures published during its latest financial results, which showcase a drop in more than one million compared to the two most recent quarters.

As noted by data gatherers on ResetEra, the figure stands at 46.3 million, which is 1.3 million up year-on-year, but the first time that PS Plus users have seen a major drop between quarters during this period. In addition, Sony posted a fall in monthly active users in June 2021, a year-on-year drop of 10 million.

Sony estimates its monthly active users using the total number of unique accounts that played games or utilised PSN services during the last month of the quarter.

However, Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO, was keen to highlight the effect that last year’s heavy restrictions had on gaming:

Of course, 104m is not a strong number, but are we looking at it as a declining trend? We don’t think so. We are trying to analyse different elements, but there are no conspicuous trends that we can capture. Maybe this month or next month we will have to continue to watch and do an analysis.

At the risk of repetition, may I say that last year the stay-at-home demand was so significant in hindsight, so compared to that period last year as a trend of course [it’s declined]. [But] compared to fiscal 2019 there is an increase.

So, we will monitor the situation carefully and we will deepen the engagement and enhance the platform, therefore during the coming fiscal year we will take actions to support this business.

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