PS Store revamp confirmed by Sony

Sony has announced that it has given the PlayStation Store new makeover, with the new-look store launching in Europe on October 17.

The revamp, based on consumer feedback, stretches beyond simple aesthetics too, as the redesign brings with it a host of fresh features to Sony’s flagship online service.

In terms of look however, the new-look store will advertise content more effectively thanks to a more visually-oriented store-front. The IU has also been revamped, putting game, movies and TV content on the front page.

Replacing the blue theme of old, the new store will revolve around a ‘hero’ concept; that is, placing an iconic character from popular game series, such as FIFA 13 and Assassin’s Creed III, in the spotlight.

Sony has described navigation as a carousel set-up, with pages moving left to right, putting more content within easy reach.

Elsewhere, user functions have been greatly improved. The search feature for example now provides a list of options as each letter of a given phrase is typed out, with abbreviations and mis-spellings also being covered.

In addition, filtering has also received an overhaul, with this feature now possible by content type, price and peripheral support.

Elliot Dumville, product development manager for the PlayStation Store, commented: “What will be refreshing to customers is that this will represent a new agile programme that will enable us to add new content every month or so, rather than dumping the new content and saying we’re done.”

For portable console integration, two separate categories will be available for content on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. Dumville did note that most users browse the PS Store via their PS3s, thus separating home and mobile platforms means gamers can browse content for what is relevant to them.

It’s not just games that will benefit from the overhaul either. Sony revealed that movie content will also be bolstered by this new ‘Hero’ concept, offering a greater browsing experience than before.

As mentioned the revamped PS Store will be rolled out across Europe on October 17, with the U.S. following on October 23.

Stay tuned to for more details.