PS Vita gets new indie title, OlliOlli brings 2D skateboarding to E3 this year

Last week, we told you all about how Shahid Ahmad was making beautiful things happen on PlayStation platforms with unprecedented outreach to indie developers. Today, we can reveal the latest fruit of Ahmad’s labor: OlliOlli, a 2D skateboarding title from developer Roll7.

In some ways, OlliOlli is a logical hybrid of two disparate ideas that should go quite well together. The bombastic combos and high-score sensibilities of old-school Tony Hawk games are tossed in with randomly generated 2D tracks. OlliOlli is an endless runner, so one screw-up will bring your thrilling run to a screeching halt. But if you stay up and on your feet? There’s no telling how far your run–and tricks–will go.

OlliOlli features more than just one-note, procedurally generated tracks, though. Roll7 promises everything from customizable characters to a deep trick system with over 100 possible moves. Daily challenges echo the MMO staple with unique trick spots to incite leaderboard wars. Other trick spots, discovered through the campaign, will provide worthy battlegrounds for friends to lay down their best line and secure bragging rights.

As SCEE’s Senior Business Development Manager, Shahid Ahmad shared the following on OlliOlli’s journey:

"Our team are totally excited about OlliOlli. The team at Roll7 are passionate about creating a brand new, utterly engaging skateboarding experience for PS Vita and we can’t wait for PlayStation fans to get their hands on this awesome game."

PlayStation fans won’t have to wait long: OlliOlli will be playable at E3 2013, and PSU will be bringing you the scoop and hands-on impressions of this latest PS Vita title from the show floor. OlliOlli will be out later this year. For now, whet your appetite with the game’s first screens.


The following represents early prototype game footage. See screenshots for updated look.