PS2 remains most popular console

Believe it or not, the PlayStation 2 beat out all next generation consoles in Nielsen’s popularity statistics for April 2009. According to the gaming ratings service, 21.6% of all gaming time during April was spent on the PS2.

The PS2 is nine years old, but remains the most used console on the market. With an enormous Greatest Hits list and a nearly endless cheap, used PS2 games, the 10-year life span that Sony pushes for its consoles is clearly working for the PS2.

Nielsen ratings showed the Xbox 360 capturing 21.1% of all minutes, the Wii with 17.6%, and the PlayStation 3 coming in last place with 10.5%. Of course these statistics are for April, and we can expect these figures to change as all three consoles release exclusive titles over the year and into 2010.

Sony may be poised for a big push in the coming months, as Sony CEO Jack Tretton announced 15 first-party exclusive games in development for the PS3, not to mention Rockstar’s Agent and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV.