PS3 Dead Space to be on par with 360

Dead Space is Electronic Arts’ first foray into the survival-horror genre as the company tries something new besides the slew of movie licensed games and sports titles. In Dead Space, players take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent on a search and rescue mission. What he finds out on this venture will be more than he can comprehend on many levels.

With an expected release date of late 2008, Electronic Arts is deep into the development process, ensuring that their first horror experience is a long-lasting and fearful one. It is not like they will have another chance at making a first appearance so Dead Space must be dead on. With the focus being on development, Electronic Arts has came out to confirm that the Xbox 360 is indeed the lead platform of development and that in a month or two, will switch to the PS3. Please do not be alarmed by this and believe that the PS3 version will be technologically inferior to the 360 version, because as Executive Producer, Chad Schofield explains, there is nothing to worry about.

"Right now we’re leading and building and doing everything on the 360. Pretty soon in a month or two we will switch and lead on the PS3. That is so that you’re not downgrading the PS3 later. We’re putting all our engineering muscle into making the PS3 great, and then we’ll know that the 360 will be great.

"The plan has to be, and it will be, on parity with the 360. Sony has seen the game so they know that that’s what they want out of us. But I can absolutely assure you that the PS3 and the 360 will be the same. We’re not going to gimp the 360 because the PS3 can’t do it. We’re going to optimise the crap out of it and make the PS3 really good, sort of like Burnout."

Remember, Electronic Arts holds the best regards for the PlayStation 3 as earlier this month, EA said the PS3 will outsell the 360 in 2008.