PS3 Exclusive from Rockstar Games on the way!

Today SCEA’s Michael Shorrock, Director of 3rd Party Relations, announced that Rockstar will be developing a new title exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

"We are announcing that a new franchise from Rockstar Games will be exclusive to PS3. As part of our long standing relationship with Rockstar, and the incredible success for both companies with the cultural icon that is Grand Theft Auto, we’ve agreed to the PlayStation exclusive rights of the next great franchise from the Rockstar studios…

…Rockstar really wanted to make a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of CELL and Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that…" – Michael Shorrock

The SCEA representative also mentioned that in an interview with Game Head, Rockstar confirmed this new title would not be a previously announced title, aka LA Noire.

In addition, it is rumored that this new title may be using Natural Motion’s Euphoria animation engine which Rockstar reportedly licensed a few months ago.

Source: Blog.PlayStation